Contact Me

Before You Print Thank you for you interest in my work and I look forward to hearing from you. By asking for a download you are agreeing that you will not use the image for commercial use.  

Once you receive the image you are free to print it in whatever size you would like and wherever you would like. Please be aware that not all photo printing is the same.  If you print from Walmart you may get a cheap print, but the quality will be very low.  Shutterfly generates a moderate quality image, but places like MPIX, WHCC, and BayPhoto will provide the best quality printing.  

In offering my photos in this way, some photographers say that I am devaluing my work and reputation because people might see a low quality print and take that as an indication of the quality of my work.  This is a chance I am willing to take.  If you like my work please tell others! Thanks!

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